Commission Piece - Marija / Stefan

Marija came to me with a commission request for a Christmas present for her brother. Marija wanted it in A4 size using acrylic paint and wanted plenty of texture. As she and her brother were from Montenegro Marija wanted to have some colours from the national flag. Marija wanted the overriding theme to be based on her very close relationship with Stefan and that they were blood related. With this in mind I started to build an idea of using blood vessels intertwining with the colours of the national flag whilst showing a real closeness within the picture.

Initial Paint

The red and copper colours are created with larger strokes and lighter colours so that the darker more deeper colours can be detailed into the picture later on.

I did start with a light blue with the mediterranean coast nearby. You will see later this is reduced and squared off.

Second Paint

Further development now with details now being added with different smaller brushes using different more darker reds.

I have also added a white line that represents ‘S’ for Stefan. I wanted this to be subtle rather than obvious and keep with the flow of the painting keeping it within the centre of the piece.

Third Paint

As you can see in the above I am now tightening up the spaces in between the main red lines, creating more closeness and adding a darker blue with subtle brush strokes.

Reducing the size of the coloured spaces tightens the painting when looking at it whilst the light blue is still there I felt a darker blue gave it more of a deeper note which I feel I have achieved.