"Commercial services tailored to your needs"

The Pitch

At Corazon Arts, we understand that sometimes, you may require a piece or art or a collection specially made for your home, office or place of business and so we’re proud to offer both full and partial bespoke design services for commercial businesses or individuals.

Commission Art Services:

  • – Tailored and considered commission art for businesses such as hotels, holiday homes, show rooms and any other visual spaces
  • – Trade prices for all painting formats including framed, specific canvas sizes and one off centrepieces
  • – Consultative approach where we work closely with the client during the creative process providing feedback, samples and constant communication on finish dates
  • – Additionally we can add prints to mugs, pillows, cushions or even t-shirts
  • – Quick turnaround time if required for multiple orders

For further information or even to enquire please contact us.

"Personal art for you"

At Corazon Arts, we can provide a one of a kind commission art piece for your home, a focal point for conversation, something to brighten up the room or maybe to bring your first house a real centrepiece. With this in mind why not contact Corazon Arts fort and get your very own commission art piece. What’s more we have great experience in this area. We have handled a variety of earlier commissioned pieces handling differing levels of input and varied places the art was going to be placed.

How do I get started?

Simply answer a few questions on our commission art form and we will send you a sample piece for you to see and discuss. Once agreed we will start to work on the commission piece and payment in full (including postage) will be required before being sent out.

For further information or even to enquire please contact us below

End result was a unique Christmas present for our son (13) and daughter (10), which they love. It’s magical to have a piece of art that reflects their personalities and passions. Something they’ll keep for life.


I gave Alex a brief of red, black, white which were to represent the colours of the lights at one of my favourite events and for it to represent techno music, along with dimensions and thats it, I wanted to let Alex have as much freedom to create.Im extremely happy with what Alex has created for me and it now has pride of place in my studio.


I asked Alex to create an individual piece for my brother as a Christmas gift. Alex took on board everything I said and even gave his own ideas based on what I was telling him. I was very happy with the painting, it was better than expected! My brother loved it too. It was unique. Thank you Alex! Highly recommend him


“ Absolutely thrilled with my piece from Alex. It takes pride of place in my kitchen and makes me smile every time I see it”


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