After watching my art being liked, commission pieces completed and money paid I wanted to change my mentality from just painting for a hobby to that of a business.

I set about creating not only a website to sell my art but also to create a range that would be focused on an audience that I already have. Looking back over my small and yet engaged instagram following it became clear that on the whole my audience was women aged between 18-45. The paintings for this range would be more simple in colour, design and pattern yet still have a touch of my brand. I decided to keep my abstract art as a separate category as this is still ultimately where I started but I wanted to create a steady income and sales revenue from smaller well priced ‘wall art’ that was accessible to all. Moving all my art to digital and then creating images for these was a job that filled a lot of my time but ultimately gave life to my art.

Alongside this I decided on a new brand name that would encapsulate my core business values. I settled on ‘Corazon Arts’ as this is spanish for ‘heart’ as my paintings come from emotion and feelings. Corazon Arts perfectly fits my approach to painting and in life and I could not be more proud of the journey from where I was to now. As with all art its very nature is driven by perception. Some people perceive art differently and like or dislike certain disciplines. I hope you like my work however if you do not I am sure you will find what you’re looking for elsewhere, enjoy the soul of art and the brightness of life it brings as much as I do.



  • Clean
  • Bold
  • Colourful
  • Emotional
  • Life inspired
  • From the heart

When I create a painting for my website, for someone in particular or a place I have the following principles I use which stay true to my style: From the very start to now I have stuck to these principles so that the work I do is true to myself, my style and ongoing philosophy.

End result was a unique Christmas present for our son (13) and daughter (10), which they love. It’s magical to have a piece of art that reflects their personalities and passions. Something they’ll keep for life.


I gave Alex a brief of red, black, white which were to represent the colours of the lights at one of my favourite events and for it to represent techno music, along with dimensions and thats it, I wanted to let Alex have as much freedom to create.Im extremely happy with what Alex has created for me and it now has pride of place in my studio.


I asked Alex to create an individual piece for my brother as a Christmas gift. Alex took on board everything I said and even gave his own ideas based on what I was telling him. I was very happy with the painting, it was better than expected! My brother loved it too. It was unique. Thank you Alex! Highly recommend him


“ Absolutely thrilled with my piece from Alex. It takes pride of place in my kitchen and makes me smile every time I see it”


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