Completed Art Commissions


Brief: Red, Siblings, Montenegro Flag


Brief: Colourful, Soulful, Hedonistic


Brief: Musical, Blue, Vibrant


Brief: Red, Black, White, Distorted


Brief: Temple Bar, Personality, Colourful, Bright


Brief: Pastel colours, Light, Calm


Brief: Colourful, Bold, Simple


Brief: Rocky, Black, Gold, White, Red

Custom work - designed and painted by me

Commission work is a great way to create some uniqueness to your home, business or rental property. Corazon Arts offer a comprehensive customer bespoke service that can achieve whatever you want be it a centrepiece in your own home or something that is very personal to you.

From start to finish Corazon Arts will be on hand to to help get a piece of originality on your walls allowing you as much creative control as possible with up to date pictures and samples so we are able to give you the perfect finished painting. We’re completely transparent when it comes to communicating with you been able to contact us by phone, email or text.

Having already produced several commission pieces already we are confident we can fulfil any request no matter how specific. The feedback we have had so far from our customers has been overwhelming and inspiring. We really value honest and constructive feedback on art commissions we do and are proud of the pieces we have created so far. We also guarantee that no art commissions produced will be available as prints on the website. Uniqueness is another really key reason to get a piece produced.

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End result was a unique Christmas present for our son (13) and daughter (10), which they love. It’s magical to have a piece of art that reflects their personalities and passions. Something they’ll keep for life.


I gave Alex a brief of red, black, white which were to represent the colours of the lights at one of my favourite events and for it to represent techno music, along with dimensions and thats it, I wanted to let Alex have as much freedom to create.Im extremely happy with what Alex has created for me and it now has pride of place in my studio.


I asked Alex to create an individual piece for my brother as a Christmas gift. Alex took on board everything I said and even gave his own ideas based on what I was telling him. I was very happy with the painting, it was better than expected! My brother loved it too. It was unique. Thank you Alex! Highly recommend him


“ Absolutely thrilled with my piece from Alex. It takes pride of place in my kitchen and makes me smile every time I see it”


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